3 buttom mouse


I was happy to discover that after I plugged in my 3 button mouse, using OS X, it worked??? Therefore OS X supports contextual menus with the right mouse button. Also when using the Omni web browser the scroll wheel worked! The scroll wheel doesn't work with everything though.

Using OS X on a Rev A iBook 64 megs of Ram. <-- It works but its kinda slow.

My old Apple ADB mouse gave up the ghost a couple of days ago so I had the dilema of ordering a mouse. Mac Beige G3 already has a USB card in it, however I had not tested if the card works in OS X.

I am now happily running a Beige G3 with 128 MB Ram and a USB Card using a USB Mouse. My Right button works, and in Cocoa application the Scroll wheel too!

Most cool