3 gigs of RAM in Quicksilver?

Maybe, I would have to check it out. You could only use 1.5 of it in 9.2 as I recall (the rest would appear to be used by the Finder).
You can theoretically pack 2 gigs into the DP500/450 machines (which had 4 dimm slots). Right now 1.5 costs less than $200 (cas2 PC100 8ns) from crucial. i may have to invest in some of that- although I also really want to get an iPod... money money money money money money money :p
3GB of RAM....droooooooooooollllll....
coupled with upcoming G5s ...maybe a dual processor model (1Hhz/chip maybe :rolleyes: ) and a superdrive and a couple of cinematic displays.... now that would be a KILLER macintosh...

this of the emulation it could do... of the video and graphics, and DVD movies...and ...and...and....

damn I am dreaming again! someone pinch me :D