3 minute Firewall startup?


Hello ,
I installed "Brickhouse" a while ago so ever since I did my firewall loads at startup. This takes about 3 minutes to load. Is this normal?
I would like it turned off again but I have no idea how. Not that I don't like a firewall but I just installed it to be able to see incoming traffic (IP , etc...) . I don't know if this is possible with Brickhouse but if it is I have no idea how to do it.
Does anybody have a clue as to turn the firewall off , or does anyone know of an app that really monitors incoming traffic to the bone?

Thanks...first post :)
I had a similar experience after installing BrickHouse, but not quite so excessive. The problem went away when I wiped my hard drive (for other reasons) and did not install BrickHouse again.

I know: that's not much of a solution.

The lastest version of Brickhouse is supposed to have a way of un-installing the firewall script. You can simply remove the firewall (I think thats what its called) folder from startup items. You may need to use root because the admin doesn't have permissions.