3 most common Apple traits


Smiling 'till death
ive noticed that Apple has three common traits when it comes to their products.

1) Revolutionary Design
2) Ease of use
3) Outrageous prices

now dont think of me as an Apple basher. ive grown up on the mac (born in '84, hows that for coinsidence :D) and support it every way i can. i just dont like having to wait for prices to come down without draining the ol' account. and Apple's newest product just makes me wanna go out and buy one right now. just my two cents. (have to cut this short because i gatta go to night school now)
Yes there seems to be an a corelational relationship. The more cooler the designs and the more easy to use their price goes up to pay for teh R&D....

I just do not see the logic behind this iPod thing, and apple came outta right field with this one.
Actually, it's not so much that Apple came out of nowhere with this. I mean, a lot of people were guessing that it was going to be an MP3 player. I think the real problem is that there are a lot of holes that Apple could fill. I really wish the the PDA market were better, because an Apple PDA, done right (and maybe by working together with Palm for the OS), could kick some major Windows CE buttocks.
With Psion droping out of the PDA gig, there are only two contenders for the PDA business, Palm and M$ & posse. I hate the palm OS, it sucks, I also despise graffiti :p, thus I am supporting the posse on this on.

If apple had a PDA, with an improved (all brand spanking new and improved OS) then I would be rootin' for apple all the way.

It just seems that with a PocketPC device you get more bag for your buck.

I cannot wait to get my new iPaq (in 2 weeks) so that I can test it, run benchmarks, and put it up against my newton ;)