30 minute success on a beige G3


My setup:
Rev A G3/266. 320mb of ram (128,128,64), two hard drives - the original 4gb internal and an additional 10gb internal.

MacOS 9.04 was installed on the larger drive, so I chose to install OS X on the original drive, allowing the installer to format it first.

The total installation time was about 30 minutes. During the first boot, when prompted for network settings, I typed in the info from my OS9 TCP/IP control panel for my @Home cable modem. It connected on the first try, despite the fact that @Home doesn't support OS X yet.

I would like the GUI to be a little faster, but considering that this is one of the lowest supported machines, I am getting better performance than I expected.

So far I cannot print to my Epson 900g, and I cannot use my Orange firewire/usb combo card (so no CD burner, no Visor cradle, and no Graphire tablet), but otherwise all is well!