3400c and OSX? Possible?


I have a 3400c. I want to give it to my friend and install OSX...is that possible?
Will it take LAN ADSL with the OS 9 in it?
I have not been able to make it connect.
Thank you. ::angel::
You won't be able to run OSX on a 3400c, as it is the wrong type of processor. You need at least a PowerPC G3 processor to run MacOSX.

As for ADSL you will need to find Mac OS 9 drivers for that modem in order for it to work.
The 3400c is not only the wrong processor, but a whole wrong underlying architecture. Although I've heard some people have had success booting OS X on a 2400c (and I doubt that, still), I don't think it would be a nice solution. OS 9 runs quickly on those machines, but OS X just wouldn't. It'd crawl badly.