3gp files and Quicktime 7 Pro...



I'm running a iBook G3 600 with Tiger 10.4.1 and I'm having issues with playing 3gp files created by my Motorola Razr V3 phone.

When I launch the file, all I get is a black screen with audio only.

3gp files played fine when I was on Panther and QT 6.

Also, I tried playing the same file on differenct machines running Tiger, and the file played perfectly with video and sound.

Where does the fault lie? Do I have to re-install Tiger? Did a missing codec or something NOT get installed when I updated to Tiger (actually, I did a erase/clean install)?

I'm puzzled.

Any thoughts?

I've also tried out some 3GP files from a Nokia phone....every time QuickTime opens it quits itself, no error message, nothing.