3ivX and DivX


cocoa love
I've really wanted to ability to play "avi's" for a while. However I have never gotten 3ivx and DivX for Mac OS X to work. It says to place them into ~/library/quicktime/ but i dont get any luck. Has anyonwe had any luck with playing avi's in Mac OS X? or is it just my computer? Am i doing somthing wrong? I think I am to simply place it in the /library/quicktime/ and restart and avi's should work in quictkime, am i right...? Oh well any feedback would be appreciated thank you
I have gotten AVIs to work without many problems that I can recall. Also, DivX works well under classic, better than natively. I dont know about 3ivx.
well i know DivX works in Classic, but what about in Mac OS X? I have always had to use Windows Media Player to get DivX to work in Classic but I thought it would be really cool if avi's worked like this software is supposed to do. Have you had any luck playing avi's without Windows Media Player? If so how? What abnout Mac OS X? Has anybody in this world gotten DivX or 3ivX to work in OS X? I am looking forward to 3ivX it says it's files are approximately 1/13 of their original size while maintaining approximately the same amount of quality. Well anyone else help...I'll put this on Cocoaserver.com if anyone can figure this out.
Don't know about the *ivX's but I can play AVI's no problem with QuickTime. I guess those AVI's I've played must not be *ivX encoded, eh?