3rd party 802.11g wifi in powermac g5

Lt Major Burns

"Dicky" Charlteston-Burns
i bought into a wireless networking solution for my parents house. it's not working, as the broadband ethernet modem isn't here yet, and the main hub PC (a dell) doesn't have an ethernet wired card in it, yet. i bought three cheap pci wifi cards, all 802.11g complient, and they appear to work in their PCs. i plopped one in my dual g5 tower, but it's not being recognised. the driver cd is for pc only. is there a third party software app i can get to let the G5 use this card? or do i have to shell out £55 on an airport extreme card?

also what luck have people had with 802.11g in their houses? what's the range like? ours is a 50's brick 4-bed semi, the main hub downstairs. there will be two upstairs (one directly above this main one) and a laptop in vaious positions, but mainly in a room adjacent