4 SALE: Graphite iBook SE - 366mhz, 6G, 128M


I'm entertaining offers for my baby. I bought it a year ago for about $1,800. It's in excellent condition and will ship in original box with all original disks and manuals, etc. I will also throw in Mac OS X and OS 9.1 disks and all "Up to Date" coupons so you can get your free copy of OS 10.1 when it is released.


366 mhz G3 processor
6 gig HD
128M RAM (64 of that I added myself)
10/1000 Ethernet
56K bps modem
Audio-out jack
Clean HD with system 9 installed
Disks for OS 9.1 and OS X
Quicken, Appleworks, Bugdom, and all the original software is included
CD ROM drive

I'll include a cool little MacAlly USB Microphone if you're interested.

Feel free to email me at jordanvadnais@earthlink.net. I am able to get about $900 for the system on eBay. I'd rather sell to someone on this forum so I don't have to hold anyone's hand through the OS X install or anything. Email me with any questions or offers.