4-speaker sound on a G4


Is it possible to have true quadrophonic sound on the new G4 towers or do I have to buy one of those Y-Splitters for audio?

I'd even be happy if all speakers were being used regardless if it was true surround sound.

The reason I ask is I bought the Klipsch Promedia 4.1 for my PC about a year ago and I am going to switch to a G4 tower. They were pretty expensive and I still want to use them :-(

Any help would be appreciated :)


Snyper M

I'm not sure about true surround as that would require some sort of digital output to be any good correct? So far all we have that's digital output is firewire and usb. I've yet to see an yspeakers aside from the harmon kardons that support that. You could always use the standard output to power a standard surround sound system. When I was back at home I used the Y-splitter method with the iSub/Soundsticks and some Boston Acoustics I had lying around from my thankfully departed GW2k system. Though it was nothing to brag about, at least I had 4 speakers going.

Hopefully somebody will have a better answer for you though.

Joseph Spiros

Software Engineer
Well, one thing I know you can do is buy a Sound Blaster card for Mac, and install it in the G4... it'll give you true surround sound... I'm not sure if they have OS X drivers/setup yet, though.


I have plugged a JVC Sound system with the surroud system on my iMac and it's a true Sourroud system with some games. Exemples: Unreal Tournament (with Surround audio checked), Quake, etc.


How'd you do that?

I found out that creative makes an sblive for the macintosh, but It doesn't look like they have OSX drivers yet :-(

Does anyone have any comments on the Audiowerk 8?