4517 Not on 7500


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My friend somehow got his hands on a copy of 4k17, and I decided to give it a spin on my 7500 since it already had the original OS X PB.
Upon attempting to startup from CD, the kernal panicked (claiming that it couldn't start because it didn't know what a "Apple, 7500" was) each and every time i tried ot startup. So, booting back into OS X, I opened the installer package and started the install. Everything was going fine and it was installing, suddenly i get the message: "Unknown Error 255: Please try reinstalling." I attempted a reinstall, but that didn't quite work. Now, my 7500 is pretty much dead for the time being.

Anybody else been lucky enough to get a copy of 4k17 and install it on a 75/85/9500 machine?
I had already figured out that the kernal is the reason for this. I saw the article at macosrumors too. I thought it was a little lame they didn't mention darwin kernal v. 1.3