4k17 AWSOME!!

I recently installed Mac OS X 4k17 and its great its alot like what the final releas is going to be like and it runs 100% faster on my machine then the PB did it opens apps and overall I would just have to say its awsome!!!!!
You said that this version gained 100% in speed, and in some other reports it is said that the improvement is of about 300%.

I use the public beta every day, and it is very slow, almost unusable intensively. Does your build version 4k17 make the use of the OS easy, or does it still lack speed ? When I say it is slow I mean it is quite non responsive, because I must wait before the menus draw, before any dialogue opens, and when I resize controls, text windows, etc…). Aqua is wonderful but it must be optimized to prevent the user from thinking he is on a MacPlus !

But I am confident in the improvements that are made by Apple these very last days, because it seems that in every new build (at a pace of about 2 a day !) Apple engeniers fix bugs and problems. In the report of wincent.org for the 5K56, a little progress in speed was made, and the product seemed to be more "polished" than ever. I Cross my fingers…
yeah 300% sounds right there like isnt really any lag anymore with text and the menus etc.. and I'm on a slow machine 233Mhz 96MB of RAM..