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The question is... how to change Dock orientation in this release...
defaults write com.apple.dock Orientation xxxx does not work anymore...
have you run "strings" on the dock executable yet?
A lot of the other hacks that were "broken" in the new builds still work, with minor modifications to the text of the hack.
(Like the all the hacks on desktop.app don't work because now its finder.app.) Anyhow, strings dumps out all the strings in the code for the dock, and it might give you a clue what the dock is looking for in the plists.

I can't find anyway to change the dock orientation. Look into strings etc. It worked in 4k17. Any ideas? Help undock the dock!

Before I EVEN BOTHER to install this one, 'cause, frankly I'm getting sick and tired of reinstalling everything: does this build (4K29) have WORKING PPPoE for DSL connections, or does Roaring Penguin work with this? If not, I'm not going to even bother. Should be interesting when people go to install updates in the future, 'cause updates have been FEATURE POOR in the PB thus far...
Man, what's apple smoking?? You can't customize the docks placement anymore??

I just read the wincent review. I just can't imaging have to put the dock back down at the bottom of the screen, it's so much easier on the side. Especially if you've got one of these new fangled powebook G4 screens.

Stop complaining. 4K29 wasn't meant to be a general purpose os for going on the net with. It is meant for developers to make sure their programs haven't broken in the later builds and so make sure they will work in the final. If you're not a developer and have a leaked copy then be happy with the fact that you have it, you're not supposed to have it so don't complain that "updates have been FEATURE POOR in the PB thus far...". 4K29 is NOT an update to the Public Beta. There isn't an update to the PB and if you have 4K29 and aren't a developer then you have to realize that the general public isn't supposed to have it so all the cool features may not be there and it may not be as stable.

If you are developers then sorry! but aren't you violating your NDAs.


No, I'm not a developer. I'm not complaining about features not being implemented yet, I'm complaining about features that were here (4k17) and are now gone (4k29). I'm not using 4k29, I just read about it in the wincent article.

I don't really care what features are on the beta anyways, I'm concerned with what features will be in the final release...and the ability to move the dock to the left is a feature that I want in the final release. If you read the article, it says that supposedly apple took the featuer out and won't be putting it back for the final release. This concerns me, and I have a right to complain about what is and isn't in the final release. Hopefully some of you will read this and go request that apple put the feature back in before 3/24 on apple's feedback page.
Yeah I agree. A dock on the side would be useful. Screens are wider than they are high and most widows are vertical so there is much more room on the side. Was the 4k17 side dock thing unstable? i mean that would be a reason for apple to temporarily remove it. I hope it's in the final.

p940e I wasn't talking about your dock discussion when i went on a rave. I was talking about how pissed off Jeff Ulrikson was getting about not being able to connect with a beta developer release of an os. PPPoE will certainly be in the final and just isn't ready yet. I don't have 4k29 and i don't intend to get it. I will wait for the final and until then I will contend myself with reading articles like p940e

Originally posted by monty
Was the 4k17 side dock thing unstable?...
Unstable?? No, it's perfectly stable. Actually there was this one bug.

You know how the dock resizes itself to make room when you open programs? Well, if you have the doc on the side of the screen set to auto-hide and quit a program, it resizes back into the screen. Here's an example. See the little bit of dock on the right side? The solution is to hide and show the dock (just move the mouse over it), this makes it completly hide itself again.

Of course I never really hide the dock because it doesn't take up much space on the side of the screen.
Originally posted by monty
Screens are wider than they are high and most widows are vertical so there is much more room on the side.
On the serious 3 and half percent tip: with a Powerbook G4, or an Apple Cinema Display, there's even more room on the side.