4k33 startup disk greyed out


Using Apple Software Restore, I just installed OS X 4k33 on its own partition of my G4's original hard drive. However, the Starup Disk Control Panel in OS 9.1 will not allow me to select 4K33. It is greyed out. Only 9.1 and 4k29 (which I have kept on another partition and which starts up fine but will not shut down) are available.
Interestingly if I now reboot into 4k29, I can then select 4k33 as the startup system. Unfortunately, because I cannot successfully shut down or restart into anything in 4k29 (it always leaves me stuck with an all-blue blank screen from which I have to reset), I cannot get into 4k33 from there either. Also, I no longer get the startup disk prompt when starting up with the option key held down. so actually the only way i can even reboot into 9.1 at this point is from a CD.

any suggestions?!