4k73 on a G4 533

Hal 9000

ok hi all

i have a G4 533, 256Mb of ram and a geforce 2mx and when booting off the 4k73 CD it freezes at the happy mac screen. the same happened with 4k60.

both cds installed fine on my iMac DV...

i was just wondering if anyone with a new G4 (Digital Audio) has had any succes with these builds?

thanks in advance,

Hal 9000
The 4K78 build (rumoured to be the GM) sometimes (almost consistantly) freezes on boot without the CD here. My machine is as noted above with 448 MB RAM and a 30 GB drive (Apple installed) in 3 partitions (one 20 GB and two 5 GB). OS X resides one of the 5 GB partitions (I forget if it is the first or second) on top of OS 9.1 installed fresh from the 9.0.4 CD and updated with the multipart download updater. This problem has not always been there and occurs only if the machine boots/restarts without the option key on startup. If I boot with the option key and choose the OS X drive there is no problem. I have made a few modifications to the system through the command line (enabled root, other minor defaults write commands) and changed the dock resources to enable orientation options. I don't think any of these things should matter because of the "problem free option key boot" and because the dock loads as a service (is service the right terminology?) after boot...

Totally clueless about this and happy to be wrong on any assumtions (sp?), so fire away.

- •g£øwµ®m™