4L7 same as 4L13


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Here's an interesting bit of info i recently stumbled across. seems that the recent 4L13 update is the same as the 4L7 update many of us previously installed. read on...

A well-educated source had this to say about the recent Mac OS X 10.0.1 Update:
4L7 and 4L13 are binary-for-binary identical; the only difference is the addition of a single property list file buried deep in the kernel extensions and the change in version numbers.
This is not rumor or speculation, this was verified using lsbom against the 4L7 and 4L13 packages. You can use lsbom on the BOM file found in /Library/Receipts/10.0.1Update.pkg/Contents/Resources/*.bom to determine *exactly* which files will be replaced with new versions.
If you have installed 4L7-- either through ADC or via one of the copies floating on the 'net-- 4L13 will not be picked up by Software Update. You can force the system to download and install 4L13 by deleting the /Library/Receipts/10.0.1Update.pkg directory entirely.
Well I noticed that some things that didn't work under 4L7 now work under 4L13. For instances I tried to use the speech recognition in 7 and it would not work but it is now fully functional. So there is obviously some difference between the two versions.
You can believe whatever you want, but the fact remains that they are digit for digit the same exact file with the exception of one plist file. take it as you will.