512 MB of RAM for your 2001 iBook


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Many peeps who have the new iBook (dual usb) have wanted to cram as much ram as they possibly could into that thing. Very understandable. Until recently, the biggest stick of memory you could find was a 256 mb CL=2. That gave you DVD and combo-drive owners a maximum of 384 mb.

It was rare, but you could find a 512 mb chip that was said to 'fit' in the book, but it was a freaking expensive little thing at between $500 and $1000. I'm not kidding. Well about a week ago I check Crucial and they had a 512 mb stick for only about $100! I was amazed, so I ordered it. It finally got here and low and behold the sucker fits and works like a charm .. even with my Airport card installed. Now it is a 133 mhz CL=3 stick of Micron-manufactured ram, and some of your are thinking, "ewe, CL3 sucks, doesn't it?"

CL2 parts process data a little quicker than CL3 parts in that you have to wait one less clock cycle for the initial data. However, after the first piece of data is processed, the rest of the data is processed at equal speeds. Latency only affects the initial burst of data. Once data starts flowing, there is no effect. Bear in mind, a clock cycle for a PC100 module is 10 nanoseconds so you probably won't notice a significant performance difference.

Most PC133 certified at CL3 will run CL2 at 100mhz or lower. iBook (dual usb) ram runs at 100mhz, even though the system bus is at 66mhz. The only problem that one could encouter is that if the iBook cannot override the spd id chip on the ram and force it to go at CL2 you will be stuck at CL3 no matter speed the ram is running at.

Anyways, I tested the chip out and it DOES run at CL2. So if you were thinking about getting some extra ram for that iBook, especially if you are running 10.1, you may want to go for this bad boy. Normal users definatly don't need this much ram, a 256 mb chip would work just fine. But some of us freaks need the biggest and fastest. Just thought I'd let you all know. :D

Go get your ram here.


thank you thank you!
i have been looking for a cheap 512 stick for my iBook for a long time.
i reallyy appreciate your helping us out.


Can you install the memory yourself? I lifted the keyboard and saw some screws to remove, but I don't know if this invalidates any warranties.



Barking at the moon.
yeah you can definately install the memory yourself without voiding any warranties.

Just make sure you use a small enough screwdriver that you don't strip the screws in your iBook.