5G24 is Awsome

I just recently installed 5G24 on my computer and its great IE launches in 1 to 3 bounces mail.app launches in 2 bounces and so far I have not seen any bugs in this build and there is DVD playback I havn't actually got a chance to use it though and over all this build is really really fast...

iMac DV SE 500MHz/384MB/30GB int.HD/30GB ext.HD(USB)/10GB ext.HD(Fire Wire)/CD-RW
try to disconnect a usb connection (moden, zip, or something else...) and you'll find in 5 sec a bug... a lovely kernel panic....:eek:
The speed of 5G24 is very impressive. Also, all the nice little tweaks like scrollwheel support in the Finder (Finally!), ability to put custom icons on drives, DiscBurner (woohoo!), and many other little touches make it a very anticipated upgrade.

It's not quite there yet in terms of stability. The Finder tends to crash alot (but restarts itself automatically so fast you're left wondering "What just happened?"), and Classic on my machines at least, tends to bring down the entire system with Kernel Panics.

The DVD player also is very shaky. I could not get it to play a DVD without MAJOR stuttering in 3 different G4's.

But the good news is feature wise, OS X 10.1 is pretty much done and there. All Apple has to do in the next couple of weeks is squash the remaining bugs and get this sucker solid, and we'll have one hell of an OS.

This thread isn't getting much action, so I thought I would throw in a compliment to 5g24 as well. Aside from sleep issues, the work in progress dvd player, and a couple minor quirks this build is awesome and has been 100% stable thus far. Tremendous speed improvements across the board, and substantial amounts of polish to many preference panels and applications. My Titanium 500 is fairly comparable in speed running this build with my 867 QuickSilver running the stock build (4R14). (At least in terms of responsiveness in the interface, benchmarks would obviously show otherwise.) I love the new status indicators (is there a name for these?) on the right of the menu bar; excellent improvement. Although I thought the dockling battery meter was visually pleasant, function over eye-candy was a good choice in this instance as 40 items in the dock tends to get a little small on a 15.2" screen.

I've been logging 8-12 hours a day of OS X use since the public beta (no classic unless I need it to run an installer). I can honestly say that 10.1 is going to be a huge success. With 5G24 I chose a clean install, and haven't yet added OS 9 back on the drive (and hopefully won't at all).

The only request I still have for OS X is for some way to have grouped sets of icons in the dock. Even on a 22" Cinema Display, a crowded dock is hard to organize nicely. Muscle memory learns where all the icons are, but it would still be nice to group games, development, office, etc. in some form of categories. Maybe a nice dockling which represents a given category and when you mouse over it, a horizontal submenu fluidly animates out of it to show a set of icons somewhat like the original dock? Or how about a dockling with 4 'mini' icons and when you click a quadrant, it replaces all the icons in your dock with a given set defined in some preference window? If anyone knows where the aliases for docked items is stored, maybe I'll whip something up pending interest for it.
post an url / HL sever IP where we can get 5g24 javascript:smilie(';)')
I'm dying to try it out!