5G48 really sucks


I lied. it rocks!

Just installed 10.1 5G48. here is my "bouce-based" performance report:

First colum is the first time launch since OS booted. next is 2nd launch, and so on

Internet Explorer 5.1 (new, comes with 5G48) 5B(bounce) 1.5B 1B

iTune 3B 2.5B 1-2 B

QuickTimer 3.5B 2B

Caculator 1B 1B

Adobe Reader 5.0 for OSX 2B to see splash window, it takes time to load plugins

Appleworks 1.5B 1.5B

Sherlock 2B 2B

TextEdit 1.5B

Mail 7B 5B (don't know why this is so slow)

Terminal 15B(!damn what's wrong with it) 6B

I got those from my iMac SE 600 384M RAM.

5G48 is definitely much faster than 10.0.4. on my iMac it's not much slower than OS 9.x pretty zippy!
CD burning is working. :)
the volume up/down key bug has been fixed( in 10.0.4, volume down key always brings volume to max first).

1 Not as stable as 10.0.4, after first boot, when I move the old ie icon to trash it crashed my finder and dock. but after that everything seems ok.
2 Dock cannot be place at central bottom, since the resize grip is at the right bottom corner, dock is always in the way when I try to resize window.

3. Can't get PC connection to work.

Honestly I think 10.1 should be the official release of OS X.

Thanks Apple. Job well done.
OmniWeb still takes years!

I have to say it's rock solid on my Quicksilver! In fact, MacOS X only crashed two times in my life, one kernel panic was with the public beta, the other one with 10.0 and iTunes.

10.1 is REALLY zippy, yeah. Window resizing, column resizing, icon movement and everything is great! No beachball from hell which turns for minutes.

Also, RAID works ;)