5G64 (GM) identical to shipping cd?


Clue me in... So 5G64 has been declared the GM; does that mean that 5G64 is the EXACT build that will be sent for duplication? Or does 5G64 have debug code that will be absent in the shipping version of 10.1?

I remember back when everyone was debating whether 4K78 was 10.0 GM everyone was arguing that there were different versions of 4K78 (one with and one without debug code).

So are there different versions of 5G64? ...or is 5G64 byte-for-byte identical to the shipping version of 10.1?


- TreyBomb
Here's my experience (And it's not a whole bunch ;) ).

Much of the process of making 10.1 was removing the debuging code from 10.0. In otherwords, that's where all the speed improvements came from. Additionally, I don't think that you can remove debugging code without changing the build number (isn't that the whole point of a build number?). You wouldn't be able to tell the two builds apart at first glance... they'd both say 5g64... which one has the debugging code?

From the little programming I've done, I've learned that it's probably not possible to remove ANY code, let alone debugging code, without uncovering more bugs, or deleting something you shouldn't have :p ).

So, I believe that _underneath_ (i.e. the kernal and the important stuff), the GM you download is _exactly_ the same. What might change? Perhaps the bundled apps and the exact layout of the directories. After all, beta software is generally meant for developers, not the public.

My advice-- wait until there's a OS X 10.1 disc image out there that is an _exact_ copy of the one you'd get straight from Apple.

the way I understand it, the build that is declared "GM" is the build that will be shipped. What GM actually means is Golden Master, meaning that is the build that is actually mastered and sent to be copyed for the offical release.

I may be wrong... but I think that is it
zerorex - you are correct. Gold Master means "this is what the public will get." It means "this is the master that all public copies are copied from."

I am still trying to get the 10.1 GM over here. I will post my thoughts when done.