640x480 Only Screen Res After Pc Ati 7000 Installed In B&w G3



How can I get back the other screen resolutions? I bought an ATI 7000 but didn't realize it was not the Mac Edition, I bought it off of ebay. And after some research, I see that I can flash the card depending on the size of the chip.
I'm current using an ATI XClaim VR Pro 4 VRAM card and the only video setting I have is 640x480.

This is my first mac and I've been doing some research.

First I reinstalled the OS, 10.3.5 (used to doing this since my windows daze) This didn't work.
Next I read that I should zap the PRAM, I did this twice but this didn't work either.

ps - The problem is also in my OS 9.2.2 drive.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Well: DID you flash the card so that the Mac firmware is present on the card?
The problem has been fixed.

When I disconnected the monitor cable from back of my G3 which is attached to a DB15 to VGA adapter, I inadvertently flick on another switch and foobared the resolution settings. It took me about 4 hours to figure that one out.

Thanks for looking into this.