7500 Powerlogix G4 350-NO GO!


Couldn't get it to install. Sometimes when booting up from the CD I'd get a cracked folder, other times I'd get a color mac icon, but the CD wasn't being accessed after that and I could even eject it!

Finally installed on an external drive on a friends G3 233 tower. It ran fine on his machine from the drive. Hooked it up to mine and it never gets past the mac icon on booting. low level reformatted the drive before installing. Have tried all other troubleshooting I know about including removing all PCI cards and having the drive as the only thing on the external SCSI chain.

For what it's worth, it will get to the same point of booting even if it is off my ATTO SCSI card with my monitor installed on a voodoo3 2000. So it makes me think the problem is the upgrade card.

Of all the reports I've seen of people running on 75, 73,76,85,86,95,9600 machines, none of them have been G4 upgrade cards. If anyone has gotten such a set up to work, let me know and give me the details.