7600 - Turn Off OS X?


I just got done doing an install of OS X (registered copy) on my old 7600 upgraded with an XLR8 G3 300 1MB Backside. By the way, UtilityX works great! I was initially only going to install Darwin on the system and tinker with it as a mail server for myself. There really isn't any real reason for doing this other than learning BSD and having projects to do. The system only has 96MB of Ram, but OS X runs surprisingly well. I had a copy of the Darwin 1.3.1 sent to me on CD from deamonnews. I figured I would use UtilityX with the CD, but it wasn't a bootable volume. I tried to do the image restore & then reinstall the UtilityX libraries, but it didn't seem to work. Someone told me you can disable OS X from booting, and then install xwindows or GNU. I figured the system might be a little peppier if I only ran BSD vs. the entire OS X package. I am a major newbie to the whole Linux arena, but that was the point of doing projects on other systems. I could screw up and re-install without loosing all of my info. I run OS X on my Pismo PB 400 with a 20 gig travelstar - 192MB of ram - airport. (Works Great with the exception of my permissions problems I am having with a few files <see trouble shooting forum>)

The question here is: Can you turn OS X off like I was told. If so what is the procedure (extreme newbie here)

More Info For Whatever Reason:

So basically to learn BSD I decided to run a mail server with BSD - maybe some web serving. I have had my DSL updated to have a static IP, and mapped my URL to me. (If Verizon ever gets around to switching my ISP - waiting 7 weeks now - they acknowledged the change order 2 weeks ago) I was looking at some of the sendmail threads to figure that stuff out. I'll get to that once I get things working. I also have a T-Bird PC I put together that I am going to use as an MP3 server & Unreal Tournament server. I have the BSD Intel version of Darwin CD for that too. They came in a set. I figure that if I have to do these projects, I will be forced to learn BSD. I am starting to find the commands, and stating to find my way around. The best part is I can screw up and just start over. I have a mixed PC & Mac environment. Linksys router to DSL with 4 port switch. (I was thinking about putting a Linux box as the front end later though. I have a couple of 486 PC's, and a IIcx sitting around. I am eventually going to get Rack mount cases for the T-Bird and the 7600.) I have a rack I grabbed that was being tossed by a company when they were updating. I have an AirPort Base station plugged into the router. I got an iMac DV 400 for my fiance. She got pissed she kept loosing her mail when I would reformat the drive when we were both sharing the 7600. (oops) :eek:

Currently, when it comes to Linux, I feel pretty clueless. I have been a Mac & Apple II user since the II+ was new. I have also worked on PC's for about 10 years now including doing tech support for a while. I have some formal Pascal training too. It's great to see forums like this where you can ask your stupid questions.