9.2 only for new G4?

I think someone mentioned the possibility of its inclusion with the 10.1 update. That sounds fairly logical to me.
Since all of the builds coming out of Apple right now, 5D10 5F7 5F24 5F26, ask you to insert the 9.2 disk when you boot classic, i also think it would be a safe bet to assume that 9.2 will be part of the 10.1 update.
Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but when you say it asks for the 9.2 disk when booting Classic, do you mean that it supports running Classic from the system software on the 9.2 CD? Or is it just asking for it during the initial setup of Classic? The CD booting would be kind of a neat option, as long as they left the hard disk installation alone.
When you intitiate classic boot up, a dialog pops up at the same time that the happy mac does. It asks you to use your 9.2 disk to upgade your 9.1 volume. You just hit ok and it continues to boot as it normally would. So, basically, 9.1 works with the 5F series, but it would rather have 9.2.
Ah, I see. That leaves one more question: does the 9.2 updater work from OS X? It would be rather annoying to have to boot from that CD just to install the upgrade. Perhaps the installer will at least run under Classic.
I should mention that when I installed 5f24, it did not recognize 9.1 on the other partition, and suggested that i install 9.1 after the 10.1 install finished.

Then when I tried to launch a classic app,..I got the message asking for the 9.2 disk. Then nothing happened but the spinning beach ball for a very long time. I chose to reboot. I will install 9.2 and post my results here.
No one answered the question. Is 9.2 only for the G4? I have an imac. I don't know. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself like the rest a ya's.
Crawfish,to answer your question, I don't know. The version of os 9.2 that came with my quicksilver will not boot on my performa 6116. I figure that the performa is probably too old and has a different kind of logic board architexture. (If I'm just talking out of my arse, someone please correct me);)
Anyway, my rev b imac is temporarily down waiting for a new part, so I can't test os 9.2 on it. When I get the imac up and running, I'll be glad to let you know how it went.
If you want you can email me at blt@mac.com for more info.
Thanks, thats what I wanted to know.

...now why does that web page still say its for the G4.... ....oh well, there are many strange things to be found on apple servers.
I have seen 9.2 in action and can find absolutely no difference compared to 9.1. If I had to guess, I would say that 9.2 is nothing more than 9.1 slightly modified to work on the newer models of Macs. Each model needs specific system ROMS installed to support them. 9.2 might just be 9.1 with these ROMS added. Does anyone know better?
it was mainly made for better compatability with Mac OS X 10.1 and some bug fixes for 9.1 and more stable.
I have the new 733 Quicksilver at work with 9.2 installed. Because we are a graphics house, I wiped X when I formatted the drive.

Working in 9.2, I have not noticed anything different between 9.1, and it does not seem that you are able to download it from Apple yet. It does seem strange that Apple would release 9.2 only to purchasers of new macs and not offer an update on the website.

I was actually very surprised when I first booted that machine because I hadn't even heard of 9.2. Maybe I will install X again...

I still cannot believe that the Software Restore is actually 4 cds...
Isn't there usually a late-breaking news file, or topic in the help section of Mac OS. Possibly this outlines the new changes in 9.2?
they are going to sell 9.2 in a bundle with OS 10.1 and will probobly say whats new in 9.2 with 10.1 maybe it will work really well with the GM of 10.1