9/X networking


OK, so here's my problem, I've got an OS 9.1 computer connected to the net via ISDN, also, I've got the same computer connected to ethernet(have to toggle) with an OS X(10.0.3) computer...
Is there any way for me to get internet to my OS X-computer via OS 9?
Is there any way to get OS 9 set up to both networks at the same time(so I don't have to set the IP and Subnet in TCP/IP all the time)?
Yes. There are several products available. One is the Sustainable Softworks IPNetRouter. I used it a couple of years ago, and it seemed to work pretty well:


See also the Vicom Internet Gateway:


There's a review of these two at:


If you're willing to go the hardware route, 3Com's got a great product for this sort of situation, the ISDN Lan Modem. I used one of these before I (finally) got DSL, and it's a terrific piece of equipment. More details on the LanModem is here:


Good Luck!
I think you could set up OSX to the internet and your os9 on the local ethernet then enter the OSX ip address into "gateway" in your TCP control panel and the OSX would connect you to the internet .

( bet someones going to tell me im wrong now! )