9500? ATI Orion?


Before I take the jump, I just thought I'd see if anyone had wise words of avoidance or encouragement. Can the following run OSX okay, or should I sell it for an iMac?

PM 9500
2 SCSI drives on standard internal bus
CDRW (Yamaha 6x4x16) on external SCSI
Microtek ScanMaker III on external SCSI
ATI Orion (Rage 128) video card
(also have the stock ATI64)
Apple 1710AV monitor

What do you think will work or not work? I would plan on getting a G3 upgrade card. I played with Linux, but couldn't get a driver for the ATI Rage 128, so it was pretty slow. Eventually I'd probably want to add a UltraFast/Wide SCSI card.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.