9600 Upgrade

awesome! I'm writing that down, it's supposed to be impossible. I heard it's machine dependent. 9600s are 604 machines which are architecturally closest to G3s so I guess that's why it worked. Cool!
.. I mean surely you only have drivers for the G3 upgrade and the USB card in OS 9 ... so OS X is using these??? - I mean it has to be using the processor - it has no choice right?

.. one last thing .. what is the performance comparison??


There are no drivers yet so I do not believe the backside cache of my card is working. (At least I did not remove the motherboard cache.) The USB card is recognized but I have not had time to see if it works but Apple System Profile sees it. There is a copy of X running where I work as well on a G4 400 and I would say the performance is just slightly slower than that but, not by much. Not too shabby for a machine that they said would not work.