A better way?...



I am programming a peice of software. I have little C experience and no Carbon or Cocoa experience. So, I have been using NIBs to run my program. The problem with this is when the user clicks on one button it opens the textual description in a new window. When the user clicks another button it opens a seperate window withe the same layout but with different text. Is there any way to use one windo template and when the user clicks on one button it opens that window, finds the button the user clicked on and displays the text based on that button. And if they close the window and click a different button it reopens the window and shows the info for that button.

So many questions, any help :confused:


PS If snapshots or more info on my app would help I will gladly provide. Just ask.
huh? your app doesnt have any text code, only nibs?

try unchecking the window's one shot property in the inspector.

otherwise you'll probably have to write some code and implement an action method, or register for a notification.
Yep...All NIB no code except to the main () function that calls the NIB. I would have written the code as well as the NIB but like I said earlier I know nothing about Cocoa. Any websites that would teach me a little bit about it? I would just use the NIBs with no code but the windows sure to add up and get very confusing.

Thanks for your help!