a "broken Folder" Icon Appears And Won't Start In Mac Osx


This problem has happened to me before. But we have a new twist to it this time. I recently turned off my Imac G5 to restart it after it had suddenly frozen. A blue screen appears showing a "broken folder" icon as I learned from "Apple Support." Last time I put in the Mac OSX Install CD 1 and did an update on my computer and it was all fine. This time, however, when I put in the Install CD, it asks you to select where to install. You are supposed to choose your harddrive but none appear listed. I opened up Disk Utility. The verify and repair tests under first aid failed. Also at the bottom of that window, there is no name for my harddrive, and it acts like nothing is on it at all next to the "used" and "free" words. Is there something wrong with my Hardrive? Do I need to get a new one? I love Apple Computers to death, but I seem to end up having more problems with them than I do my Windows ME computer. So, what do you say?


The broken folder icon does mean that no operating system is found to boot from. If you have an alternative way to test the disk, try that. ie. plug it in to another computer.

When booting from the CD does it show you the disk if you act as though you want to reinstall the OS?

Also if you have access to another os x machine you can net boot over ethernet