A challenge for those who about to code


I have here a challenge for those of you who have already recompiled the os x kernel twenty times and tired of hacking into the CIA servers. At http://www.freiburg.linux.de/~uae/ there is an unix-based amiga emulator. What I would like the brave code warriors out there to do is to compile these source codes for os x. There, now you havest a dragon to slayeth. Good luck.
LOL I totally agree :p
I dont have the tech know how yet to do such a feat,
anyone who wants to help that guy with the OS X version please do :D I want my amiga back emulator back with all the fixings :p

until then, I will try to finish up Zelda: a link to the past and Super Mario RPG in my SNES emulator ;)

...I once wrote an Amiga game called Dino Wars that I found on the web and ran pretty well under UAE. If anyone has any luck diggin up this gem of ancient Amiga lore, please pass it my way. It's not a bad game....

..."for me to poop on!"
I came across a web site once that had amiga ADF files with games. I cant remember the site address but they even had AGA games (which even today WinUAE doesnt emulate perfectly, MacUAE doesnt at all)

What is the story is amiga software now? Have original copyright holders given up their rights and made them public domain ? are the abandonware ? whats the deal ?

Finally, if you want to run an amiga emulator go get the amiga forever package :D It has ROMS, workbench disks (as files, not as disks) and the emulators. I think it cost $30-40 (lol it pays to put stuff like that on a wish list :p someone gave it to me as a gift :p) ... then you can go and get the Amiga In A Box package which makes the emulator and workbench environament look so cool :D

I am still waiting to see if a UAE is going to support AGA graphics and CD-ROM so that I can install Amiga OS 4 on it lol :p