A few more Q's


Ohh i played around with X.1 more last night and here are my two main problems at the moment.

1) I have no DVD payer or support in 10.1. I remember when i installed 10.1 that i didnt install any languages but that was all. What happened to the DVD player? Was is a seperate install on the Disk? I never thought of that.

2) Why is it then when you have more than one user you can search the other users stuff and sometimes even open it? For example. I have user Mike and user Bob on my machine. If i'm in Bob mode and search for 'Cats' not only will i get all matches under Bob but i also get all the files that Mike has named 'Cats'. To me that sounds like a security problem. I've figued out how to lock the files but i dont want Bob to see any of Mikes files. Now this is just a problem under the 'Find' feature. I've figued out how to lock the folders so you cant browse in the finder. But still.


Ohh and is it still ok to hold down the apple key and run 'fsck' when starting up to do a disk check?
What kind of a mac do you have ?
IF you have a mac that does hardware decoding then you are outta luck for the DVD. I am in the same boat as you
Wait now who what where? DVD wont work on a B&W G3 350? Thats what i got. Oh well. No DVD No Printer Support but a damn cool, fast, and fun system.

I heard that Apple's comming out with an update or something for the DVD player that will support hardware decoding, so hopefully you aren't totally SOL.