A few Q's


I always come up with a few X questions. So here are my latest:

1) Is there a way to have the desktop come to the front when i click on the desktop like in 9?

2) Why in hell is there not a replace all when copying to a live web server. I'm connected to another PC across the room and i have to hit replace for each and every item. (unless its a folder then only once for the folder) . I had to hit relace 200 times once. Geez.

3) Speeking of live servers. I still cant figure out why the one I connect to will not show up on my desktop. Only place you can see it is thru Sherlock. Go figure.

4)Is there a way to use file sharing withought creating a whole nother user? I just want to share everything but we cant figue out how except thru fetch. If i set up another user they can only see their stuff. I want them to see my whole HD.

5) Is it just me or when you put your folders into lists do they seem slow. I also wish labels to come back. I miss em.

6) Ohh and if there is a way can i get my mail to jump out of the dock when i get mail? If my doc's hidden how do i know i have mail. I dont have the sound up? And the doc is hidden so i cant see the red number.

All in all X has been working pretty good here at work i'm actually suprised it worked so well right away.

1. To get the contents of your desktop to show up ala OS9 try clicking on the MacOS finder icon in the dock -- this essentially brings all desktop items to the front.

2. Good point!

3. Number one is looking like my only helpful answer here!

4. Nope, can't help there either.

5. I really miss labels and spring-loaded folders!

6. If you have OSX10.1 then even if your dock is hidden it should still show a bouncing icon when you have mail (it'll jump up and down in and out of sight!)

Over to someone else...;)
2. Drives me crazy too, come-on Apple, fix this already.

3. Finder preferences has check boxes to display mounted servers on the desktop, as well as removable media, etc.

4. If you don't mind the user knowing your password, just logon from the networked mac using your user name and password. I do this all the time between my iMac and Cube. I can see the entire drive(s).

5. Slow is subjective, but it is not as robust as it was in 9.
3. In the Finder Preferences (Under the Finder menu), do you have "Connected Servers" checked?

That may answer it.
#3) Yes i do. Everything shows up like its supposed to (removable media, friends comptuers, anything else). Its just our live web server won't show up anywhere except in Sherlock. Go figure.
Originally posted by jamall
4. Try putting an alias of your HD in the new user's folder

I think i tried that once but it wouldnt open. not enough privileges or something.
If you can see the server in Sherlock, you should be able to double-click on the folder or drive, have it show in the Finder and then make an alias to it. You say it is a web server, is it a Windows 2k, NT or Linux box?