A few Questions


i keep reading about optimizing os x and i wanna know how.

also anyone else having troubles with cutting and pasting? i cant seem to get it to work.

and whats on the developers tools CD? anything i might need. i dont wanna install a bunch of stuff if i'll never use it. I just use my os x for an opperating system. i dont plan on building anything.

i have a G3 B/W 350 10.0.1 and os X seems a little slow and classic was very slow. any clues on how to speed it up? i seem to think that there is something that isnt right but i dont know what.

and how do you log in as root?

i feel like i dont know anything here. geez. :(

... okay, i'm only half serious. There are a million and one threads, on here, MacNN, MacOSXHints, Os X Zone, and a few others, all talking about how to get the fastest performance out of X. Just do a search, you'll find all you want to know.

But, just to be a gracious guy, here are a few answers for you:

Optimizing -

1) Boot into 9.1 and run software updater. There are a few new verson of things that can have a positive effect.

2) PREBIND - there are a few ways to accomplish this, either install the BSD subsystem and install the developer tools, the installer finishes by prebinding your folders and files. Or, run software update from the system preferences and DL the SU 1.3.1 and 10.0.1 (4L13) updates. When they finish they run the prebind routine. Or, if you're adventurous you can login as the admin user, open a terminal session and type the following line (the percent sign is the prompt, not to be typed) % update_prebind -root /.

3) Get a copy of Norton Utilities v6 or later, I recommend just picking up System Works, and boot from the CD. Then run Disk Doctor and fix any problems that come up (Note, you will get a major error if you have OS X and 9.1 on the same partition, just ignore it. Also, let Disk Doctor run completely through, don'tstop it early cause it takes a long time to scan media.), then run Speed Disk and optimize the drive. You will more then likely get a fragmentation "severe" when you do this, OS X, for whatever reason, really screws up the continuity of the drive on installation. Which is a problem when you start getting into VM concerns.

4) UPGRADE YOUR MEMORY - I have 768 MB and experience no speed problems aside from those related to Quartz, but with a DP machine, I can easily live with the millisecond inconveniences caused there. Other people have reported that increasing there RAM greatly improved system performance.

Well, the rest of the stuff I leave for you to find on your own.... okay, damn, I'll be just a little more helpful. the Developers Tools CD contains applications, APIs, and other tools necessary to create programs for OS X, including tools for Cocoa, Java, and for carbonizing apps. it also installs some extra components for the Unix layer which provide some enhanced functionality for the more technically minded, must have it now, people in our midsts, including the ability to compile and make applications from source code. hence the reason why so many great Unix apps are quickly finding their way onto OS X, including OpenSSH, Python, GIMP, MySQL, and many others.