A good mac keyboard


Well, it's that time again. My $100 Apple Keyboard the S, E, L, D is vanishing. Fortunately I am a good typist, but I would like to see the letters anywhoo .... and I really REALLY do not like the new flat $149. Since I only get about 14 months at best out of a keyboard before keys disappear, any suggestions on keyboards $29-$59? I've used a number of Logitech because they are cheap, but as we all know, many of the functions don't work on a Mac. (There is one, I think the 360, that is a little loud but my partner who is worse tham I am with disappearing keys hasn't destroyed that one yet and it's about 8 months old; we have even done the clear nail polish route). I had a MacNally? (it was white, I think that was the brand) and that was horrific. So, any suggestions? (Obviously, the box stores aka Staples, Ofc. Depot and Best Buy all have the same 5-8 keyboards that aren't $200+


Rosie Moderator
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Would you be interested in a refurbished keyboard? Powerbookmedic.com has a white wireless - not the thin aluminum - for $20.45 US