A hello, welcome, I'm new thread ?


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promises, promises

At least youve learned to explore other parts of the body that don't reproduce , Scotty-luv.;)

(I owed you at LEAST that one)


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Originally posted by Tormente

Geez, guess some guys don't take suttle hints, huh? :D
He's got about four too many subtle hints already, besides he's all talk...twenty bucks says I can have him choking on his back bacon in a week. :D

he cracks me up though which is a much needed commodity atm, so I better not make him run TOO far away. :)


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Ed? Ed? Earth to Ed?

You are not helping me out here at ALL!

Stop hiding, I need you to hold my hand in this strange land.:eek:


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Ed seems to have his hands full around here most of the time, right Ed? ;)

I would like to give you a big welcome, :rolleyes: but as I am an infrequent member at best, I'll just say Hi... Hi!


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well, things have been busy the last few days. i've been doing my best rodney dangerfield impression i'm afraid. :D

at least the thing about scottt is that when he gets poddy mouth, he is all prepared to clean it up :p

virtual hand holding? hmmm, sounds like fun. not that i think anyone here would hurt you (as long as you don't get involved in a "should osx be available for pc" thread :rolleyes: ) so here's my hand if you need it. just don't squeeze the circulation out of it ;)

and Mr. Shaw - good to see you here. please, take your shoes off and stay awhile. :)


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Originally posted by RacerX
but maybe I should leave my shoes on. :eek:
:cool: Yes my friend, that ankle biting is sounding pretty erotic to me. Either live dangerously or keep shoes AND socks on at all times...you never know about me.

but you already knew that ;)


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:rolleyes: ...sounds interesting. But I was actually worried about clearing out this thread.

But now that you guys have brought up this stuff, I do have something of a foot fetish... I think I need to go spend some quality time with my wife. ;)

I'll checking with you guys later. :cool: