A little java benchmark


Hi, I've builded a simple java app that show the time the system need to calculate the prime numbers fro 1 to 100.000.

Labels are all in italian, sorry, but the application is very easy: there is a combo from witch i can select to run the test one to four times. If i select more than one time the application launch the same test in separately threads running simultaneously. The result is the time needed to finish all threads.

This is a java app and can be used on many system (and is optimized for no one).

I want verify if java use of threads takes advantages of Dual G4 on OSX.

If someone is interested can e-mail me at emanuelerebuttini@mac.com
Singol thread

G4-500 = 10,692 secs
G3-400 = 13,690 secs

I'm specially interested on two-cylinder G4 results.