A little OS X Question


I am still trying to decide if I should buy OS X. I was wondering if it is possible to remove OS X from your system and leave it intact, or can you partition your disk and have a dual-boot system? I just want to take a few precautions if possible.
The install gives you the opportunity to erase it all and install nice and clean -- i don't know if it gives you the option of partitioning, though the manual says that if your drive is partitioned you can install X on one and 9 on the other.

if you have Public Beta on that machine, you'll have to ERASE your drive or you could run into problems due to the previous install. a co-worker of mine installed 4k78 on top of PB and it didn't give him the whole log-in sequence (where you have to put in your name, determine settings, etc)-- in fact, it didn't even ask him to create a user; it just used the previous one.

what the installer does:
it give you an Applications and a separate Applications (Mac OS 9) directory as well as two separate System Folders. Everyone is nice and organized.
You can partition during install. On the first screen, BEFORE you select your desired language, click on the File menu and go to "disk setup.." or something like that. It's drive setup and disk first aid so you'll know what to do.