a Printer to Work With Classic Environment

Frère Barry

I have a G4 Power mac operating on OS X 10.2.8. I cannot boot up in OS 9, but I can run OS 9 programs in Classic. The program I use the most in Classic is Quark Express 5.0 (Passport Edition).
I have been using the Mac for almost two years with an Epson C82 printer, but it has stopped working and I don't intend to try to repair it. My problem is finding a new printer (similar capability would be fine) that will operate from Classic. I bought an Epson CX4600, but returned it after trying in vain to make it work. The drivers were installed, but the computer could not detect the printer while in Classic. It worked fine in OS X. (I finally found out from Epson support that I would basically need to try to find another printer. The Epson tech person said they thought Canon had a printer that would be guaranteed to work with Classic, but I have not been able to find out which model that might be.)
Can you advise me on what kind of printer I could get that will solve my problem, and let me know if there are any "tricks" involved in getting the drivers properly installed and the computer to detect the printer connected by USB cable?
The trick is that Epson decided not to rewrite the all in one driver to work in Classic "because it's just an emulator, so we don't support it."
My cheap but good Epson Stylus Photo R200 does work in Classic (I've never tried it in OS 9), but I had the same problem at first (using drivers from the CD). Downloaded the next version of the driver, installed, and haven't had any trouble since.
Thanks for the suggestion. I bought an Epson R200 this morning and had no problem with the installation. The cd that came with the printer had the correct drivers, and I did not need to download anything at all. It is working in both OS X and in classic environment.