A project you might find interesting... and reusable?


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First, a little history. I'm in my late 30s (why does that sound older than the actual age??) and have been out of touch with many of my siblings for the past 7 o 8 years. Long story. Anyway, both of my parents are now dead and I realized that if I had so few pictures of my childhood and such, then perhaps they all did as well.

So, since I just got my new Mac and iPhoto is reason enough to buy one... I decided to try to get everyone together for a "picture party".

Anyway, I scanned in all the photos that I had and that all my siblings brought with them. In addition, earlier in the day I created an iMovie project and did up a nice film of pictures and music from our parents' 40th wedding anniversary back in '88 (dad died in '89, mom in '96). That was one of the very few picture albums I had in my posession, so it was a great way to get started.

I had the DVD playing on the TV when everyone arrived and it was a great ice breaker. We spent the rest of the afternoon scanning, annotating, printing, burning CDs, etc, all the while talking about all the times represented on film, paper and on screen.

Everyone each brought some kind of munchies and it was a great time.

Anyway, if you're looking for a reason to get folks together and dig thru' stuff like that...

See? Apple Computers - bringing families back together again. Now they owe me money for being a spokesman :)



My parents gave all 5 of us kids cameras when were were very young... So we have a billion pictures between all of us.

The funny thing is sometimes I'm not sure if I remeber the actual moment, or the photo of the moment.

Another interesting thing is that my sibling have all of the pictures of me, and vice versa. So I don't have any good pictures of myself.

I keep thinking that I need to scan some of thier pictures... But they are all spread across the US, so I'm not sure I could arrange a picture party.

BTW, thursday is my B-Day... the day I leave "mid 30's" and tip towards "late 30's". :(


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thats amazing. good thinking on your part to get that going. I think you should tell apple this story. I bet they would be interested to listen if nothing else.


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That'a a nice use of iPhoto. :)
Tommy.. age is but a number. I have a lifelong fobia about starting to think and behave like an adult (= boring)...


Very nice idea. Unfortunately it is quite tough for me and my family to meet. We are spread all over the world. Me and my parents in germany, my uncle and my aunt in the US, and the rest of the family where we all got born: Iran. But I would love to get all pics and videos collected. This will be something amazing by time and also for the children - the next generation - to learn more about the big family..


Who, me?
Zammy-Sam (and those spread across the country/globe). I bet it would be worth it to spend a few dollars to get one of those really heavy-duty brief-case type things, lock the photos/tapes/DVDs into it and send it along to the next person in the chain via a registered and trackable shipper. Use that to add to the pile of memories, circulate it thru' the group and when it arrives back at the point of origin, it's chock full of stuff and everyone has made their copies along the way. Might take 2 circuits to get everyone sync'd up with each other, but one it's done, you could put the originals in a safe-deposit box for long term storage and keep copies of your memories close by.

Just a thought that popped into mind when you talked about being spread all over.

Would make for a great family heirloom in a few generations, as well.