A pure coincidence predicts the WTC disaster.

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The assigned flight code for the first flight that struck a tower is "Q33-NY". Put this into a text editor and change the font to wingdings (a symbol font). The result is surprising and disturbing. Of course, this is a pure coincidence, but it doesn't take away from the creepy value.

If anyone could find a way to post a wingdings font, that would be cool.
Yeah, read about it in the paper today. It's not true, none of the planes had Q33-NY as flightnumber.
OK plane --> evident
2 buildings --> evident
mailbox --> all the paper that flew out of the pentagon ?
death --> well evident
Star of DAvid --> Arabs pissed off at us for supporting israel ?

huh ?
Am I interpreting the signs correctly ?? :p
I think I will start becoming a mystic ;)

The other number are more friendly in WingDings.

...and Webdings might get some boyscouts in trouble.
hey, all it is is a simple animation (.gif) that has different frames. He probobly used one of those real simple animation programs. if you have it, adobe ImageReady can do it quite nicely, with the advantage of Photoshop being incorperated into it :), otherwise, just look for something like Gif Animator or whatever on www.Download.com or www.Versiontracker.com
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Hey how do you do that with your avatar?..it is real nice
Thanks. I've got to add a new frame to this though. I don't have the moustache any more...
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...He probobly used one of those real simple animation programs...
Yeah, I have ImageReady these days, but I made this about 3 years ago. At that time the tool of Choice was something called GifBuilder: http://homepage.mac.com/piguet/gif.html