A question and a funny thing


ok, question first. I couldn't seem to get my os9.1 cd to boot my quicksilver. When I hold down option, it doesnt show the CD in the choosing screen, only my X drive. ( i have to install 9 to install the new firmware patch u see). Any idea what's going on? it sees the CD fine in the finder. Also, as I was copying my 9 folder from another computer, I was watching the files appear in the finder, and I saw one in the help folder: rtfmhdy.htm :) It's the file that says "type some words in and click help". So someone at least has a sense of humor!
I think you might be in trouble my friend.

That 9.1 cd probably doesn't have the proper Mac OS Rom needed to boot the quicksilvers.

Use the install or restore disk that came with your machine.

It is also damn near impossible to install 9 over X without a previous 9 installation. (the 9 installer needs classic, which you don't have without 9 installed)

yeah, im gonna just copy over a fresh install from a different mac onto this HD though. That should work.
Remember how Quicksilvers were the original computers to come with 9.2? This is problably because of some type of incompatability between 9.1 and quicksilvers. Get ahold of a 9.2 disk or try calling Apple to see if this is correct.
Fortunately I found a disk that came with my computer which was a custom 9.2 disk (i presume it also came with all that faxstf and palm drivers and things that they throw in on the default install). Unfortunately, the new firmware doesn't work for me, it says my computer does not need it which is odd considering i have v 2.5 of my boot firmware according to apple system profiler.