A Question

I was wondering. If I have a page with a form and inputs and a sumbit button that points to a page called "done.html", when I enter things in the input fields on the first page and then click sumbit it would be like this in the address bar: "done.html?username=" (for example if "username" was the names of one of the fields on the first page.)

I wanted to know; since this info is in the address bar; is there anyway to get it to show on the done page?

For example:

1.) First page; enter "riccbhard" in a input field called "username".
2.) Press Submit
3.) Goes to "done.html?username=riccbhard"
4.) I wanted to be able to get this info ^ - into the actual "done.html" page.

If you need help understanding feel free to ask.

Thanks in Advance! :)