A REAL affordable iMac? ($499)


Unofficial Mac Genius
Interesting... from www.macminute.com:

Apple resellers in the New York City and Washington, DC areas report receiving US$499 iMacs from Apple that feature a 400MHz processor, 64MB of RAM, 10GB hard drive, and a CD-ROM drive. The previous-generation, Indigo systems are available only in those two markets and for a limited time, presumably to move old stock.

Now if only Apple would release these to the general market, Apple would have a totally AWESOME low-end machine, even though they are just previous-generation iMacs.
Would be awesome - and would provide a massive boost to their low end market share if there was always a low end configuration iMac and not just this end-of-the run batch. My boyfriend is buying a low end PC this weekend. Only $600 Canadian. Would be excellent to buy a mac - even with the bare minimum of hardware features for that amount.