A real, honest to goodness lock-up


softer than ever!
Wierd... very OS 9-ish freeze:

I went to a macworld contest page, which loads a .swf song. Every time, after 129k of 133k of the song downloads, my mac freezes, leaving my mac making a click click click sound. It also wipes out my internet preferences, including my cookies, homepage, and mail permissions.

Must be an IE problem?

iBook SE 466
I think others have identified this SWF/IE problem, yes.

If you could SSH into your mac remotely (can I use SSH as a verb?) you could probably kill the offending apps and go merrily on your way like when my Linux desktop (often) freezes.

The same event happened for a co-worker, but when I tel`ed in and nuked IE, the system returned, but input devices were dead.

It's a 50/50 chance I think... It's funny though, IE can be a portal to a very hard crash, and leave it up to MS to find a easy way to bring a Unix like system down very quikly ... ;)

But then again, (If you have a PowerBook and really wanted too) there is a 100% sure fire way to Lock up OS X very quick ....

With the screen closed an the system in standby, plug in a USB input device such as a keyboard , if you do not open the LID in 2 seconds, you just lost X, and will need to press and hold the power button of a short bit...... At times this does not work and you have to yank the battery ... ;)

Yup, if anybody can crash a system, Microsoft can... Which is why... (Let the info-mercial begin!)... I use OmniWeb! It's OS X native so it offers those universal services, as well as stability! AND, it even lets you use OS X's built-in spell checker, for when you want to look intelligent when posting to certain bulletin boards! Plus, it's got a neato little history and bookmark drawer that pops out in such a manner, your eyes will boggle! And it's just as easy to customize as IE. AND, if you download now, you'll realize that because it's from the OmniGroup, it's just plain good for you, with 30% more fibre!

It washes the dishes too!.... well, okay, maybe now.

Seriously, though, save yourself from IE. OmniWeb, iCab, Opera, and Mozilla (or Fizzilla) are all available for OS X, and IE is finally getting it's little browser-butt kicked. Yay!

Done ranting now. Sorry.