A request


I have one simple request for people who have pirated their CDs from Hotline and are having trouble with the installation. don't bug us. Stuff that floats around on Hotline has a good chance of being corrupt, hello? How about going to by a legitimate copy before whining to us about it. it's only thirty bucks.
but... iiit's a betaaaa (whine whine) we shouldn't have to pay for a betaaaaaa (whine whine whine)
So what? You are paying for the documentation and the packaging and th CD. Didn't you notice how they took the initiative to print the manual in COLOR? Do you know how expensive that is? BTW, microsucks charged over 50$ for a windoze beta, and it is closer to the final version is in terms of bugs than any kind of apple version. people complain about these things is exactly the reason that people don't often release a beta to the public.