A sure way to crash OSX


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I went to www.planetoftheapes.com and it had flash all over the site and right at the intro, my whole system (10.04 and IE5.11) crashed hard. Couldn't even force quit or move the mouse. Is this reproduceable to all you X users out there? I reported this to apple. Where the heck is the memory protection? Uncrasheable? I think not. It happens on my Win2k at times too but please tell me not on my OSX! It seems to be a serious problem.
Yes it happens on my iMac too.
After it crashed, I tried to use another computer to ssh the crashed OSX and couldn't connect. so it's not just UI subsystem crash. whole OS died.

But don't be frustrated, I believe Apple will fix this in next update. I am sure this is on top of their list.

I went to that site in OmniWeb and had no problems. (10.0.4) Can't goto it in IE becuase i deleted it a few mins after i installed OS X.
I haven't seen any Flash problems myself yet...
However, I've seen a rather strange crash a couple of times now. I try launching a program from the Dock, and the arrow just keeps flashing, and nothing happens. I try another program and get the same results. If I have the terminal open already, I switch to that and try a few process listing commands to find process numbers to kill, but the command doesn't do anything! After I control-c it, I try a few more things, which don't work. Then I try to telnet into the computer and kill things remotely, but upon connection, I see nothing. It's like nothing will launch. What the heck is that?
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It's like nothing will launch. What the heck is that?

I've seen this too. I think what's happened is that the Netinfo process
has dies, and since OSX uses Netinfo for _everything_...
it didn't crash my OS, but it torqued IE till IE died. I killed IE, and started typing in iCab for y'all to hear. I'm a dual 450 with 320M, that might be helping me a bit.

As for the netinfo thing, yeah, netinfo has died on me a few times and boy did I write nasty things to Apple. Single point of failure for a server OS? c'mon!?!

and as for why you crash - my guess is that heavy IE and flash (using QT libs) are making more requests of your kernel than it can properly schedule ... it's a bug. All crashes are bugs. Try to find some consistency and e-mail Apple. Stupid IE. ooooh ooooh oooh, I'll try Nav 4.72 in classic... wow that looked way better than IE. stupid IE.
anyway, when my netinfo dies, it won't let me telnet in, it never completes login. I usually discover it when I'm an the CLI, and I try to su and it tells me I need to be in wheel to su, and then I scream at my computer, friends come and ask if I'm OK, and then we walk to the local ice cream joint to forget about technology for a while. :)
Hmm, that "not in wheel" thing definitely points a finger at Netinfo. Now I wonder why it would be going belly up for no reason.
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I discovered another sure fire way to kill OS X: accidentally knock the plug out of the wall.

Not on my iBook:p. It's got a battery!
this flash / IE bug crashiness is evident only in IE 5.1 with the flash plug-in version r56.... the IE 5.0 with plugin version r53 didn't have this bug....

macromedia know about this and is working on a fix...

John Dowdell stated at Maccentral that MM is trying to get the bug fix scheduled in to the Software update control panel.
QUOTE]I reported this to apple. Where the heck is the memory protection? Uncrasheable? I think not. [/QUOTE]

This is a seriously ignorant statement. A kernel panic is a crash. Not Aqua locking up. You could still telnet into your system and shut it down properly. Get your facts straight before you start bashing something.
I think it was mentioned before that it was a hard crash where all processes were dead so that even telneting in would not work. Anyways, pardon me for my ignorance. Sheesh.

I can't believe that a ShockWave Flash Movie can freeze the system right up.. No cursor, no NOTHING!