a tale of escalating hardware issues.


"Correlation does not equal causality." as a friend of mine in IT recently said. so here's my tale of various issues and the sad current state, and perhaps someone can offer WHY and also IF my beloved black box can (or even should) be repaired.
*see my sig for specs*

it began when i got it back from tekserve after i had botched the reassembly after installation of a new optical drive. they said it was a-ok and replaced the keyboard /trackpad free.

i immediately began having weird cursor jumping and strange command response issues. i realized this didn't happen when i didn't lean my palms on either side of the trackpad. a netsearch showed this was a known issue, which leads me to believe that the reinstalled keyboard is thinner or perhaps installed too tightly.

meanwhile i was having other issues. windows was fine at first, but the mac side started up very slowly. booted in safe mode, ok. checked for the virus everyone was scared about a month or so ago, negative. disk utility said everything fine with the disk. rebooted in normal mode. still long startup times, but otherwise seemed ok.

then my mail stopped downloading, and every initial opening of both mail.app and safari would give me a spinning rainbow. all other programs worked fine.

then i started having windows issues, which later mostly turned out to be malware, which i cleaned. then i realized that it would run incredibly slow or dimply fail to even open programs (or load my antiviral in the taskbar) if i was using the battery. whereas plugged in everything was fine.

i bought a brand new apple battery, charged it up from 0-100%, and restarted. hung on the apple and spinning spokes on mac side, windows would start and then flash to black. same in safe mode.

reboted off my startup CD and ran disk utility. entire drive is in RED, saying it has a "fatal hardware error".

i plan to pull the drive out and put it in an enclosure to try to mount and rescue the few recent files since my last backup. just wondering if it's worth getting a new HD and starting from scratch with the same machine, or getting a new one (with nearly identical specs - i want a superdrive).

what i'm wondering is, was it just the HD that somehow went bad, or could there be issues with other parts of the machine's architecture?