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Let me start this off by quoting my favorite computer guy:

"Don't worry, it's the machine, not you."
- Nick Burns (SNL Character)

This is the exact quote that ran through my head last night when a bunch of friends came over to my house last night. Now this was the first time many of them had been to my house. (i'm not a shut-in, i just tend to go to everyone else's house) They all knew i was a self-proclaimed mac geek so they were a little bit astounded at all of the computer stuff i had collected. Of course, they all liked the way that it looked and whatnot, but then they sat down and started using my toys, namely the iMac and iBook.

So my friend Jenn sits down at the iMac and types in ussopen.com trying to find out whether venus or serena has won. Wow, to my surprise the site doesn't load.

She says,"What up with this mac thing, the internet doesnt work! Piece of shit!" And this all coming from my AOL and PII using friend, Jenn.

I tell her to retype it. This time she types in usopen.com correctly, the page loads, but it's the "golf" us open. So, under my control, 3 clicks later, we've found the score at espn.com

Wow, god forbid you put some effort in Jenn:D

My friend Jesse is on the other side of the room checking his mail (hotmail :mad: ) on my iBook through airport. He goes,"I dont like macs, this thing doesnrt work" Well for starters, he was completely missing the browser icon on his double clicks. Socondly, his double clicks consisted of pounding the trackpad twice. I guess that huge 3 inch mouse button underneath doesn't look like a functional one, eh?

I proceeded to give him "mouse operation 101" and soon he was on his way, only to tell my that all he gets in his hotmail account is spam. Wow, another big surprise.

Overall, all of the guests were amazed at the things that were possible with my computers, but none of them seemed to attribute them to only apple. They seemed to think that airport and iTunes were capabilities for all computers and that if they wanted, they too could put them on their computers.

This is a problem for Apple.

But they have a solution. The new Apple stores play a much bigger role than you could possibly think. Finally, users will be aware of what you can do on a mac. instead of that FUD which gets spread about what you can't do.

Apple needs to, and will show that it's more than just saying how easy it is to do something, you need to show how to do it. PC buyers will stop thinking that nice speakers, bigger screens, memory, airport are all things for the computer inclined.

Basically it comes down to this, Apple isn't getting due credit. All my friends said that macs sucked, but them marveled at what they could do. The problem was, they didnt know that what they marveled at was a product of Apple.

Basically they've been trained to hate macs and ignore the benefits, while they love PC's and ignore the problems.

Why is it when they cant get a mac to work correctly, its the machines fault?

Why is it when they cant get a PC to work correctly, they just say that they're not good at computers?

I can't wait until Apple gets to undo all this propaganda.

Wow, i've created a meaningless ramble, enjoy!


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I was at the Boston Apple Store. I think what you are saying is totally correct.

My x uses a PC, she did not know what a mac is and what I got from her was "if it' so wonderful why dont I know about it?" (she used to live in greece, now studies in the UK).

Once she got into design classes, she used macs and she did not know what to do, thus it was a stupid machine. When she (finally) got her VISA reissued and she came to visit me here and i gave her tutorials she was marvelled at the machine and what it could do.

anyway, back to my point. At teh apple store they ran tutorials on how to do things in iTunes, iMovie and so on. It was cool for the macuser that did not know a thing about such programs but also for non mac users that knew jack about the mac



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Well since the first post clearly illustrates any points I was GOING to make, I guess my post is completely useless... :D

I totally agree that Apple is not getting due credit, especially with Microsoft ripping of Apple's software with Windows XP (TOTAL OS X copy) and Dell ripping off Apple's hardware (integrated wireless networking, "easy-open" chassis).

Stupid Dell and Microsoft and all those brainwashed PC users.