A Weird Message

Matrix Agent

Masochist Mascot
I was installing GM today, and by mistake ejected the osx disk while booting from it. on the screen appeared somthing about a panic, i think this may be a kernel panic, though i know nothing about unix. And the following line also appeared:

root : xnu/xnu-123.5.obj~1/release_ppc

is this evidence of a planned OS X port to intel?
Or am I just getting overly paranoid?
I somehow doubt that Apple would imbed a discription of their market stratagy in the OS X code :) More likely it's just a way of saying, "There's nothing to tell the processor." Not that I know anything about what events would accompany a kernal panic, that's just what makes sense to me.
Well, as much as i wanted to be part of some big thing that a 4 page thread was written on, im gald that osx is staying on ppc, where it belongs.